We’re transforming lives through dance & movement

Movement is so important to your overall health!

Are you like us and struggle to come up with creative gifts for your friends or loved ones? Say goodbye to giving socks, slippers or the latest perfume.

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We hope your December is filled with magic, positivity, and light This is such an incredible time of year, so consider taking the time to stop and appreciate it. We are so grateful for you .
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We custom tailor a dance as unique as your love.


Wedding Program

Let the professionals at SOUL Ballroom make your first steps together amazing and memorable. You’re in the spotlight with your special someone… How do you imagine it?
We custom tailor a dance as unique as your love. 

Our Adult Ballroom Dance Program offers a rich tapestry of dance styles to explore.

Adult Program

We provide a program for social or competitive dancers. Most important to know is that you don’t need a partner to start dancing. Working together with our teachers on skills and techniques you will progress through each level of dance from newcomer to advance.

We are also providing a pro-am experience, where professionals dance instructors will participate with students at local on national dance events.

Give your child an appreciation for music, movement, and dance.


Youth Group Classes

Through the art of dance, your child will learn teamwork and develop discipline, self-confidence, communication, and social skills. Grace, poise, manners, balance, and strength are a few of the other added benefits that will be useful throughout their lifetime. Let your children make new friendships and enjoy camaraderie in a beautiful, safe, friendly, and encouraging environment.

New Student Special

Take your first dancing steps inside SOUL Ballroom under the guidance of our certified Instructors. Our teaching method will help you learn and retain more, faster – regardless of your age, dancing skills or physical abilities.

Benefits of Dancing

Increased physical strength and endurance

Our ballroom dance customers tell us they have increased flexibility, feel more energized, have less ‘brain fog’ and experience an improved sense of wellbeing.

Improved general and psychological wellbeing

Not only does ballroom dancing boost your physical activity and help nourish immune systems; but the movement, choreography and rhythm gained improve mental and cognitive functions.

Open to all age groups and group classes

Ballroom dancing is an excellent way to maintain a get fit lifestyle, topped with a fun way to do it all together with people from different backgrounds.

“Dance is the hidden language of the SOUL”

Martha Graham

Make a Memory That Will Last a Lifetime

You’re in the spotlight with your special someone… How do you imagine it? We custom tailor a dance as unique as your love. Whether you dream of a beautiful traditional dance or something fun to really “WOW” your guests, we can make it a reality!


SOUL Services & Programs

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Social Dance Parties

Group Classes

Women-only Classes

Wedding Dance Lessons

Kids and Youth Classes


Wellness Classes


Elizabeth D.

“Scott, Meghan, and Igor are routinely cheerful, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. They make all their students feel special.  It’s simply their default position to life.

My private instructor Igor is so kind and is such a good teacher and dancer that I look forward to his lessons every week…”

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Jeanie Lafavor

““Dancing has had a huge impact on my life.  I can’t imagine my life without it!  I’m a long time competitive dancer and have been fortunate to dance with some of the very best in the industry.  I danced competitively with Scott for 12 years, doing smooth.  He is an amazing teacher – knowledgeable, patient, and a sheer pleasure to dance with…

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