Do you love to dance? If so, you will not want to miss the SOUL Ballroom Showcases.

Our Showcases are a celebration of dance where dancers get together “showcase” their dancing, enjoy a dinner and a Social Dance Party.

About Showcase

The first part of the day consists of dance demonstrations by students with their teachers structured in rounds called heats. All dances and styles are represented throughout the day. Couples dance simultaneously together on the floor – it is not a competition.


This is where a student may present a “solo” exhibition that they have prepared with their teacher to a specific piece of music. In addition, “formations” of several dancers will be performed.


The showcase concludes with a cocktail hour, dinner, and a dance party where all participants and their guests relax and dance with each other.

intermediate ballroom cha cha
group dance practice

Build Confidence

The number one goal of any Showcase is to build confidence in your dancing.

Many dancers worry about performing in front of an audience. The key to truly enjoying yourself and performing at the peak of your abilities is to become desensitized to dancing in front of people.

The fastest way to build confidence in your dancing is to participate in our Showcases.

Join The Showcase

We welcome all levels of dancers, from newcomer to advanced, from social dancer to competitive. Your instructor will create a plan for the Showcase that will suit your goals and will make sure you’re confident with everything you’re going to dance on the day.