Elevate Your Dance Experience with Semi-Private Ballroom Lessons Up to 4 people

Private Lessons

About Our Private Lessons

Experience the best of both worlds with our Semi-Private Ballroom Dance Lessons at SOUL Ballroom. These engaging and collaborative sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn ballroom dance in a small group setting, combining the benefits of personalized attention and a social dance atmosphere.

Why Choose Semi-Private Lessons?

Our Semi-Private lessons are designed to cater to dancers who enjoy the camaraderie of
learning with a partner or a small group while still receiving individualized instruction. Here's
what sets them apart:
Personalized Attention

In our Semi-Private lessons, you’ll benefit from close interaction with our skilled dance instructors. They’ll provide you with personalized feedback, address your specific needs, and fine-tune your technique to help you reach your dance goals.

Partnered Learning

Learning alongside a partner or a few fellow dancers can be a fun and enriching experience. It allows you to practice together, build trust, and share the joy of mastering beautiful ballroom routines.

Flexible Scheduling
We understand that coordinating schedules can be challenging. That's why we offer flexible
scheduling options, making it easier for you and your group to find a time that works best for
your lessons.
Share the cost
You will share the cost of your lesson between all.

Book Your Semi-Private Lesson Today:

Ready to embrace the world of ballroom dance with a partner or a small group? Contact us today to schedule your Semi-Private lesson at SOUL Ballroom, and let the rhythm of dance bring you closer together!